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Check out my new Vlog every Monday on most of my social media platforms. It’s an experimental social project about my life and how I balance work, family and everything else. Be inspired and empowered. Click image to watch video!

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Real Talk From The Soul

speakI am a COMMUNICATOR… Sharing from the heart with a live audience allows me to make an even bigger impact. My sessions are extremely interactive, exciting, and revealing. Speaking from my core makes me very vulnerable, however, I believe that true life experiences can transform the lives of others. 

"When you start to grow your business, never forget about where you started."

Be a mentor, a big brother/sister, or an advisor. Take people under your wing and help elevate them. As you make money, give to charities, give to church, and pay it forward.

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Korpo Paykoo

General Manager


DeVon Solomon

Research & Development Director


Tinesi Minikon

Multimedia Manager


Augustine Karyea

Lead Photographer