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Greetings, I’m Shoana Cachelle, Executive Director of Cachelle International. If you are watching this video, then you have made a conscious decision to begin Living Your Brand, and for that I’d like to congratulate you.

I have broken down what I have learned in social marketing over the years, into easy to follow, step by step trainings. The beauty of my training is that you can learn at your own pace. I know building a business is pretty time consuming, so I have made each training about 5- 10 minutes. Don’t be fooled, they are chock full of vital information you will need for brand awareness. You must own a computer and a smart phone though.

The reality is that it may take a few months to see drastic results. You will have to be consistent and dedicated. For many of you, it will take you out of your comfort zone, but I promise, it will be LOTS of fun too. It’s not just about branding your product, it’s about you becoming your product. Your story sells the product. Your face sells the product, and your personality sells the product.

As you follow the sessions, I suggest you get a notebook to take notes and jot down any ideas that come to your mind as you proceed through your training. Using the same notebook each time works best.

These trainings are short and to the point, so they are perfect for anyone on the go. Instead of watching them all at once, watch one a day and start applying what you have learned immediately. Some of the trainings will have a small homework assignment. After each session, you may also submit questions/comments via email using the title of the session in the subject box of your email.

I will give you marketing tips and strategies to get your individual Brand noticed. With our LIVE YOUR Brand Plan, you will learn how to:

  • Create a buzz on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

  • Create professional commercials with no experience

  • Gain more likes, followers and subscribers on social media

  • Reach thousands on Facebook with one post

  • Get paid by posting YouTube videos

  • Set up your smart phone as your virtual office

  • Take professional pictures/videos without hiring a professional

  • Design effective ads without any design experience

  • The benefits of a content calendar

  • Network like a pro at an event

  • Getting comfortable on camera

Special Bonus:

  • Get alerts when great marketing tips and tricks arise

  • Get discounts to all CI Live seminars in your area.

  • Receive a list of the most affordable printers for your marketing materials

  • Receive discounts when using Cachelle International’s marketing services

  • Shoana Cachelle as your personal marketing consultant for 3 months

Welcome to the TRIBE. It’s a network of like-minded people, who are interested in LIVING OUR BRAND. Investing in this plan means you get everything I have invested in, pertaining to marketing. You will learn from my mistakes as well.

Click the “get started now” button, and let’s begin a journey on your path to financial independence!!!

 Be sure to follow me on all my social platforms. It’s Shoanacachelle on facebook, twitter, Instagram, youtube, Linkedin, and Google+. Remember to teach, give, and empower daily.

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